AppConnect NW is a consortium of five community and technical colleges in the Puget Sound. Each college offers an applied baccalaureate degree in application/software development. The faculty have joined together to collaborate on developing industry partnerships and common curriculum in order to create more opportunities for graduates to succeed.
NSF Awards Grant to Local Community and Technical Colleges
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded an $800,000 grant to five community and technical colleges in the state of Washington: Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech), Bellevue College, Green River College, North Seattle College, and Renton Technical College. The NSF grant will fund the collaborative Northwest Network for Application Development and Technology Connections (AppConnect NW) project.
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AppConnect NW

AppConnect NW Benefits the IT Industry

AppConnect NW benefits the IT industry with a responsive network of faculty willing to adapt their programs to meet changing technological demands and a pool of highly skilled, diverse graduates prepared with knowledge shaped by industry.

Opportunities for the IT Industry

Opportunities include evaluating curriculum and advising faculty on ways to align with industry standards, serving on one industry advisory committee that serves five colleges, and supporting interns to cultivate soon-to-be-graduates into your company’s culture.

Students Gain from the Consortium

Students gain from the consortium with an educational program in line with industry demands and an opportunity to create connections with industry before graduation.

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Industry Supporters

Washington Technology Industry Association

WTIA is Washington state’s unifying voice for the technology community. We mobilize industry, education and government to make our region the leading technology community in the world.

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Applied Baccalaureate Degrees in Software and Application Development

Applied bachelor’s degrees build on two-year associate's degrees that prepare students for work. They are hands-on, technical programs that give students skills and knowledge to apply to the workforce immediately upon graduation. An applied bachelor’s degree focused on application/software development prepares students with practical computer science skills using a range of programming languages. Graduates are prepared to obtain an entry-level position at a software development company demonstrating competency in software engineering, software testing principles, and quality assurance techniques.

AppConnect NW is a consortium of five community and technical colleges in the Puget Sound.

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